If you plan to go out on a hiking trip and want to buy the best backpacking sleeping bag then go through this guide for assistance on the same.

A comfortable travel is all that we desire while out on a vacation, hike or camp. The best backpacking sleeping bag helps you to add comfort to your outing along with offering warmth in chilly climatic conditions.

The sleeping bags are designed to give users a comfortable sleep in all weather conditions while you are on a hike or camp. More to it, these are available in single, double and family sizes.

Features of the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Let us delve into the amazing features which each backpacking sleeping bag must possess:

The Zipper Facility

Most of sleeping backpacks are provided with zippers with the purpose of making it good enough for couples’ usage. You can even utilize them as a single-size product for individual spending. The zipping part enables hikers to easily spread and set up a comfortable bed within minutes without efforts.


Hoods are present in most of the products to secure heat from radiating out. Many of the models also come with a place in the hood as a solution for adjusting a small pillow. Besides, you can stuff in some pile of cloth inside such hood to get the smooth padding for your head.

Some hoods are capable of lying flatly in the flat condition of the mattress and they can show the function of a quilt as well. While other ultra-light bags even do away with these hoods to eliminate excess weight.

Draft Tubes

They are designed to impart warmth as these are filled with insulating materials amidst the zipped coils.

Warmth Imparting Material

Materials like polyester may be an optimal choice for any hikers. Products with this take advantage over others by a role of excellent warmth keeper, especially in colder climatic conditions.

Neck Baffles

For this part existence, the head and neck region will be warm and cozy all the time, even when you hike in extremely cold regions. By the insulated feature, it does not allow heat to radiate out.

Tightening Cords

It is no longer difficult to tighten or loosen the hood due to these cords at all. They enable you to make changes for different needs.

Stash Pockets

In the market, a lot of manufacturers create their sleeping bag with stash pockets along two sides. The target is to enable you to keep things including cell phones, wallets, glasses, watches and so on.

Trapezoidal Foot Box

The foot box provides space in the foot area that ensures a much natural sleep. This is a special feature that helps users who sleep on their back and not on the sides. They eliminate the clumsy feel that many other sleeping bags offer and impart a homely feel.

Reviews of the 5 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Having said about the fantastic features of sleeping bags, let us now explore the top 5 product in the niche along with the detailed pros and cons.

TETON Sports Queen Size Sleeping Bag with Free Compression Sack

A huge sized sleeping bag from TETON is a perfect pick to take use for a family of four. However, it is easy to carry and comfort. A compression sack is available to easily accommodate the mattress.


The product is lined with brushed flannel giving the cozy feel like a bed sheet can even while out in rough surroundings. Such sleeping mattress comes in a set of two huge-sized-quilts which can even be zipped together to combine and form a single-dimension product.

Besides, there is a compression sack to accommodate it before and after using. The material of the bags is such that you can easily utilize in colder climatic condition since it keeps you warm in all the possible ways.

The bag weighs around 20 pounds in dimension of 94*62 inches. It size can offer a huge space for sleeping mattress for around 3-4 people. So in case you are out with your spouse and kids, this can be a perfect pick for you.

Additionally, the product consists of a flannel lining of the bag and the canvas shell with the purpose of building up durability, even a rough usage.

For removing entry of cold breeze to keep the bag warm and cozy, the elite fiber bags are ready in use. The zipper of the bag, as well as the draft tubes provided for the shoulders, keeps the user warm by keeping the cold air away. You can unzip the bag from either side as well at the bottom for easy usage as well as good ventilation.


The stuff sack provided to accommodate the mattress is small and it takes a lot of efforts to fit in the mattress. You might even need some help from another person to do so.

It is quite heavy to carry. Hence, if you are out for a difficult hike then you might want to choose a lighter mattress.

Grizzly by Black Pine Sleeping Bag for 2 People

Grizzly sleeping bags are comfortable and cozy and impart a warm sleeping experience in colder climatic conditions. The zipper available on all the three sides makes it easily accessible from all the sides. It can be carried in a sack from one place to another.


If you are searching for a sleeping mattress which is cozy and warm, here is one of the best choices in a camp or hike. The product can be covered from all the sides by the support of a zipper.

Such model is available in two different varieties - one made with cotton and the other from polyester which is designed to tolerate temperatures varying from -25 to +25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, they are easy to be cleansed by a washing machine. These mattresses come along with a sack that helps to accommodate the mattress before and after use.

90*65 inches is the size of the mattress. So, there will be no problem regarding height of spenders. It is constructed to fit in two people at a time. For the product from Grizzly, sleepers do not have to worry a lot about portability since it is possible to lift it on your back.

These can be self-inflated without any difficulty and discomfort. They are in turn provided with thick baffles on the chest region to keep cold breeze away.

In the manufacturing process, the quilt is a combination of a double-layer material, flannel-microfiber-insulation lining. All of them work together to keep the inside heated and cozy. Furthermore, the mattress is provided with huge hoods to cover and warm your heads.


If by any chance you spill liquid on the mattress and later try to dry is then it can take a few days for it to get back to normal.

Hyke & Byke Snowmass Sleeping Bag Ultra-light with Lightweight Compression Sack 5 Color Options


These Hyke and Byke mattresses are available in two different sizes and five different colors. These bags are extremely light to carry as they weigh merely 3.86 to 4.14 pounds. Being waterproof these bags can be used in all situations and seasons.


Customers of Hyke & Byke will find the products in two varying sizes, tall and XL one respectively. Along with size, a multi-optional color range is also available. They are such designed that they keep you extremely warm and cozy from temperature varying from 10 to 40 degrees.

Bag weight ranges from 3.86 to 4.14 pounds which make it extremely light to be carried from place to place. You can even carry your pillow and blanket along if you feel like. There is enough space for the same.

A compression sack is available to stuff in the mattress which can be carried easily by mounting on your shoulder.

These are waterproof and made up of long lasting nylon fabric lining and are provided with two zippers which enable the opening of the mattress from both the sides. This makes it perfect to be used in various seasons including monsoons.

The bags easily accommodate adults and are provided with huge areas for shoulders and legs.


The zipper of the bag isn’t very convincing and you might not like the quality very much.

Outdoor Vitals Summit Sleeping Bag, 20°F Down 3 Season, Ultra-light for Camping & Hiking


Outdoor Vitals Hiking Sleeping Bag is a compressed 10*8 inches bag in size which can be easily carried from place to place owing to its light weight of 2.5 pounds. These mattresses can be used to accommodate two adult sleepers and are well designed to keep them warm and protected from the outer chill climatic conditions.


A compression sack is included to keep the mattress within before and after use. When compressed these are 10*8 inches in size. The bags are extremely light in weight and weighs 2.5 pounds which are easy to carry.

These sleeping bags impart immense warmth and keep the user away from the outer colder climatic conditions.

The manufacturers have used the extremely light ripstop fabric to make the mattress that keeps it light it weight and warm while usage.

The zipper provided is used to zip the mattress from the sides which make it an easy to use comfortable commodity to carry.


The bag isn’t waterproof which makes it good for seasonal use. You cannot use it in the monsoons or at places where it might come in contact with water. The zipper of the bag gets stuck on the inside of the bag material creating issues.

Double Sleeping Bag for 2 People Camping, Hiking or Backpacking, Queen Size Cold Weather Sleepingo


Here is exactly a great idea for anyone who is engaged in searching for double sleeping. These mattresses save you from the coldness outside. They are a perfect purchase for two elderly sleepers.


It is a combination of Cotton and Tetron which is line the mattresses so as to make sleeps more comfortable. Along with that feature, a couple of pillows is ready for perfection.

They are made up of polyester fabric which further makes it waterproof and extremely durable which might end up living up for long years.

These sleeping bags can be either used as individual two sleeping mattresses or as a huge sized single mattress.

The size of the mattress is 87" x 59" which easily accommodates two elderly people while out on a camp or trek.


The bag at times gets too warm due to the environment owing to its material. Hence, it becomes difficult to bear the heat.


To possess one of the best backpacking sleeping bags is no less than a blessing while camping or hiking. These bags are not only easy to carry, comfortable to take use but also provide utmost comfort while sleeping.

You can purchase one of these after thoroughly going through the guide above which lists the detailed pros and cons of each sleeping bag. Grizzly by Black Pine Sleeping Bag for 2 People is our recommended pick, although the other four are equally competitive.


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