Five reasons to take a hike this weekend. Lift your mood and lose some weight as you take a hike. Local trails make for an adventure.

Hiking is one of those gems that most people never do, but always wish they would. There is no better feeling than when you come home from a morning of hiking a local trail. Here are five reasons why you should take a hike this weekend.

#1 - Hiking is a great form of Cardio

It doesn’t take a genius to know, that there are many health benefits to participating in regular cardio exercise. Studies show that regular cardio can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

But, what you might not know, is that Hiking, in particular, has been proven to prevent and reverse Osteoporosis. Hiking or walking are low-intensity weight-bearing exercise, which helps with joint and bone pain, by strengthening muscles, building bone mass, and slowing Calcium loss.

Of course, there is one other universal draw to hiking, and that would be, weight loss. Many people have hit the trails, in hopes that they will reach their weight loss goals. Hiking is an excellent way to prevent obesity and shed extra pounds. Exploring trails, while hiking, makes it easy to burn 450 calories on a short hour long trail.

#2 – Hiking is an excellent mood lifter

It is a proven fact, that exercise can change your mood, by altering the endorphins in your body. But did you know, that being in nature also, creates an elevated level of endorphins? Hiking and nature are the perfect marriage of fitness and pleasure.

Attention Restoration Theory, states that a natural environment allows your body to restore its stress levels. The change in scenery and the fresh air, that nature provides, allows the human body to restore stress levels, cognitive functions and mood.


Next time life is stressing you out, grab your tennis shoes and head out to your favorite local trail. The break, while hiking, will not only level out your stress, but it will lift your mood and spirits. It’s like eating your favorite chocolate for a boost, except instead of gaining calories you will be burning them instead.


#3 - Hiking spurs your creativity and inspiration


Hiking is an excellent way to boost your creativity and find inspiration in nature. One of the most popular ways to stimulate creativity is by shifting your perspective. Sometimes, leaving the mundane urban world and taking the time to get closer to nature, will help you be more productive and creative person.


Studies have shown that hiking is a great way to brainstorm, generate ideas, and problem solve. In fact, the American Psychology Association, did a study, that stated walking and hiking in nature, creates more ideas (both good and bad), compared to a non-active brainstorming session.

So next time you need your creative juice stirred, get out there and go for a hike. By making hiking a weekly activity, you will find yourself problem-solving faster and generate new ideas. When your boss, asks at the next meeting, how the company can become more productive and creative, tell him to take a hike.


#4 – Hiking is the perfect event to do with family and friends


A family that hikes together stays healthy together. Hiking is an excellent way to get your kids out of the house for some healthy activity. Hiking is a fun and exciting way to make physical activity fun and enjoyable. There is nothing more exciting than watching your family, explore the world around them while getting in their daily exercise.

Anyone can hike, all levels of fitness, and there is no real equipment necessary, except a good pair of shoes and water. Of course, die-hard hiking fans, have a plethora of fun gadgets, they can find at any local Sports store or Walmart. The Point is, you can take all your friends and family on a hike, for some fresh air and a whole lot of fun.


#5 – Hiking is your little mini-adventure


Lastly, but maybe not the least important reason to take a hike this weekend, is the adventure. The human body is hardwired with a need for adventure. What better way to fulfill that need then by taking a hike on your local trails?

These little adventures, out into nature, have become a popular trend called Microadventures. Take the time to hike this weekend, hit a new trail and explore the new scenery. It will make your weekend, feel like a mini-vacation and will give you a sense of rest. Not to mention, hiking is relatively inexpensive and does not require a ton of planning.


The locations you will visit, are breathtaking and unique to the hiking experience. Make yourself a list of new places to visit, while hiking. Creating a bucket list will be satisfying when you begin to check off all of the locations slowly, as you visit them. Start now and take a hike this weekend.



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