Finding the right pair of girls hiking boots can be difficult. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to find the perfect pair.

Having issues finding the right type of hiking boots? Unsure of where to start? Hiking boots are an essential when hiking. Having the wrong type of boots through different types of terrain can wreck your feet. But how do you know which type of hiking boots are perfect for you? In this step by step guide, we will go over exactly how to pick the right type of girls hiking boots for you so you can have fun and not have a hiking disaster! Without further ado, let's find the right hiking boots for you!


Knowledge needed before execution


First things first, you need to know a couple of things before finding the perfect girls hiking boots.

  • Different Types of hiking boots
  • The parts of a hiking boot

Learning more about these two areas will better your chances of getting the correct hiking boots as well as understanding the important parts of the boots themselves.


The Parts of a Hiking Boot


The upper part of a hiking boot is intended to protect and support the foot with a snug fit. Uppers should be water repellent/proof, but allow the feet to breathe to prevent excess moisture from causing blisters and discomfort.



Soles are the bottom of the shoe. They absorb and redirect shocks, and provides a cushion for the feet.



Linings and paddings provide more protection and comfort for the feet.



Insoles are the bottom part of the inner that the feet rest on. Insoles that are perfectly shaped your feet will ensure maximum support and balance.


Different types of hiking boots

  • Trail shoes

These are made for hiking in dry climates and on rugged type paths. Trail shoes are suitable for many types of day hikes.

  • Trail hikers

These are for steeper inclines and muddy paths. Trail hikers are the lightweight version. Trail hikers are also sturdy, higher-cut, and watertight. These boots provide more balance and ankle protection against any dangers and rocks than trail shoes do.

  • Mountain walking and hiking boots

These are designed for mountain and hill walking, backpacking and mountaineering. They are extremely durable and have stiff soles to give the ankles support and protection on rocky trails.


Step one: Check the Weather


Knowing what the weather will be before you hike will give you an advantage in knowing the proper hiking boots to wear. For example: If the weather will be hot and dry with light terrain then light hiking shoes with breathable fabric would be the best option. Or if there will be a potential for rain, puddles, even muddy tracks then hiking boots with water repellent/proof fabric would be best.

  • Pro tip

Summer is usually the best time to hike unless you live in the desert. Then hiking in the fall or even winter will be the best ideas.


Step Two: Find the Right Fit


Your hiking shoes should feel snug around the ball of your feet and you should still be able to wiggle your toes which help prevent circulation issues. You should still feel like you have some movement still from your feet. If your heel shifts around a lot as you walk, it can cause blisters and discomfort. This is a sign that your boots are too large or wide for your feet.

  • Pro Tip

Make sure to tie your laces properly before hiking. To learn the proper way to tie your laces, watch the video above.


Step Three: Pick the right Material


When choosing your hiking boots the proper material for each hike is vital. The wrong fabric can make your hike unbearable. Your feet can start to feel hot, painful and confined. When shopping, make sure to pay attention to the types of fabric and what they can do for your feet. Here are the main fabrics used in hiking boots.



The materials typically used for hiking boots with synthetics are often nylon and polyester. They are easy to break in, keep you light on your feet, and dry fast when wet.


Split-grain leather

Usually made with half leather and half synthetics, this material is still very breathable. However, it's not as water-resistant as full-grain leather. This type of material is also not very durable.


Full-grain leather

This is the material most mountaineering boots are made with. It's an extremely heavy-duty material, which makes it perfect for advanced hikers looking to climb mountains or hike on rough terrain. However, this material is not breathable and tremendously heavy.

  • Pro Tip

It takes longer to break in the heavier materials to fit your feet. Wear them on a few shorter hikes to break them in before going on long or rigorous treks.


Step Four: Know the terrain


Knowing the terrain of the area you will be hiking in is highly important. There are multiple different types of trails and terrain and each one has a type of hiking boot that will be best.


Light Day Hiking

Light day hiking involves little obstacles in your way. Such as major hills or mountains. It is usually the shorter hike. Trail shoes are the best choice for this type of hike. Lightweight support, moderate cushioning and stable traction and are good for day to day wear.

Hiking Trails

Hiking trails are longer hikes with moderate terrain obstacles. Light trail hiking boots are better for this type of hike. These will offer a little more support than hiking shoes without much-added weight.

Backpack Hiking

Backpack Hiking is often an extended journey with rough terrain with potential camping. Sturdy hiking boots are the best choice extended hikes and trekking over rougher terrain, with increased cushion however they are heavier.


Mountaineering is simply the climbing mountains. Heavy rough terrain and elevation. This will require mountaineering boots. You will have maximum support and foot protection, mountaineering boots are extremely durable and provide the most ankle protection.

  • Pro Tip

Check out the area before actually going on your hike. If it is someplace where experts around speak to them about the difficulty of the hike as well as length. This way you will know for sure the proper shoes to wear.

In conclusion, when picking the perfect pair of girls hiking boots you must pay attention to detail. Everything about the type of hike you will be taking, the terrain, the weather, and down to the material the hiking boots are made with is important.


Following these steps as well as the pro tips included will provide you with the knowledge to pick the perfect pair of hiking boots for you.



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