There are many hiking boots but do you want to know what makes the best men's hiking boots. Let us find out together.


Hiking boots need to be performance oriented and must not compromise on the comfort of the wearer. With so many hiking boots in the market, it is tough to pick the right one which is comfortable, durable and helps in better movement while hiking.

The ruggedness and stability are very important so that the boots can be used even in adverse weather conditions. If you are looking for the perfect pair of hiking boots, do not buy it without reading this comprehensive guide.

The list of the best men's hiking boots is compiled after a lot of testing and trying of the individual products. The boots were tested by hiking experts and were used in the versatile landscape like deserts, forests, mountains, volcanoes, smooth routes, canyons etc. under different climatic conditions.

They stayed strong and were great for performing a wide range of physical activities like running, walking, climbing, crossing ice patches etc. when it comes to hiking shoes, you need to be extra careful and choose shoes which protect your foot and gives maximum support to your ankle.


Things You Need to Take Care before Purchasing the Hiking Shoes


While purchasing the hiking boots, there are a lot of things you must take care of and make the investment accordingly. There are certain things you must check and take care of before purchasing the boots so that you can hike better and shoes last long.


The stability is an important aspect and when it comes to hiking boots, it must be highly stable for better performance. It is imparted to the boots by the presence of a hard plastic between midsole and outsole called shank. This increases the stiffness of the boot which is important to reduce calf fatigue and prevent dropping of the heel on a forced ascent.

If you are looking for boots for day hikes, it is better to purchase something that is lightweight and flexible. For longer hikes, stiffness is an important factor to consider.



When you are out on an adventure, you do not know what kind of landscape and terrain you might have to cross and usually, you might also have to brave the rain. Hence, it is extremely to buy boots which are waterproof and prevent the boots from getting wet.

Gore-Tex liners are most popular waterproofing technology. Apart from this, some boots are integrated with the KEEN DRY membrane to impart better waterproofing. Never purchase hiking boots which are not waterproof.


Breathability and Ventilation

The boots must be constructed from a breathable material and there should be proper ventilation for easy passage of air. With proper mesh lining and breathability, it does not let the moisture to build and keep foot dry and odorless. The motion and movement are also enhanced with boots that have proper mesh breathing material.


Construction material

When it comes to hiking boots, they are constructed from a wide range of material depending on the user's requirement.

The boots made from full grain leather gives great durability and boots are resistant to abrasion and great for long term hiking. The split-grain leather is great in terms of breathability but does not give much waterproofing.

The Nubuck leather resembles in look like suede that is resistant to water and abrasion and also is flexible. They are also available in synthetic like polyester, nylon etc. which are light and dry fast but not very durable.


Lace System

Most of the people overlook this but it is equally important and critical for a hiker. Depending on the type of lacing system, the fit of the boots is customized and plays an important role in comfort. A poor lacing system makes the fit lose and might lead to blisters and injuries.

Depending on the lace system, the fit of the boots is customized and it is important to purchase hiking boots with efficient lacing system for better performance. The laces should be firmly held by steep clipping on either side to prevent it from getting loose.


Midsole Effect

The midsole and the type of material used in its construction are very easy. The majority of the boots has EVA foam in midsole making the boots lightweight and gives proper cushioning for utmost comfort.

If you are looking for tougher boots for long-term hikes, it is better to purchase boots with polyurethane midsole which are less prone to compression and adds to the overall ruggedness.


On some insights on How to choose Hiking Boots, click below for the Video

Review for the Top 5 Men's Hiking Shoes


After days of test and trying, the experts were able to find out the best hiking shoes for men that are comfortable, durable and provide utmost stability to foot. If you are having a hard time deciding which shoe to buy, read the guide and make a wise investment.

Multi-Sport and Hiking Shoes by Vasque

The sport and comfortable pair of hiking shoes are great for men in terms of providing the right amount of stability, durability, and comfort. The shoes are constructed with symmetrical curve making it suitable for higher arches and builds better grip in any type of terrain. The shoes have lace closure that snug the foot comfortable.

The shoes are the perfect blend of comfort and support with EVA midsole and TPU shade that gives the great cushioning effect and enough stability. They have been integrated with the off the grid rubber outsole for better comfort. The shoes flaunt synthetic sole with construction using leather material along with 1.6mm suede leather upper.


  • Tough and Durable Construction with leather along with suede upper
  • Consists of highly tunable lace system for tight grip

  • Includes molded EVA midsole and TPU plate which enhances stability and better cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Off the Grid Rubber Outsole for more comfort
  • Impeccable level of performance, stability, and durability for versatile terrains

  • Suitable for hiking in different climatic conditions with proper ventilation options



  • Slightly heavy for the size making it uncomfortable
  • Permeable leather seems to be a problem at times

Mid Hiking shoes with Moab Ventilator by Merrell

The Moab Ventilator infused hiking shoes by Merrell are great if you are mostly in short or day hiking trips.

They are lightweight, comfortable and has M-Select Dry category of waterproofing. The shoes have Vibram Lugs or outsole which provides better stability allowing your foot to flex naturally with greater comfort.

They are infused with M-select fresh that prevent sweat and moisture and the antimicrobial agent interferes with the reproduction of microorganisms to prevent bad odor.

The uppers are constructed of Dura leather with ventilator mesh that allows retaining proper breathability. With the M-select Dry mesh lining, such model helps in keeping the shoes dry and free of moisture.

Moreover, the mid-height hiking boots have lace up closure along with cushion heel which has a tendency to absorb shock. The support is enhanced by Ortholite footbed adding comfort to the foot.


  • Lightweight, comfortable and great for short trip and day hikes
  • Infused with Vibram Outsoles which gives great cushioning and traction
  • It includes Ortholite anatomical footbed for maximum support

  • Constructed from leather along with synthetic sole and leather upper has lace up closure along with air cushion heel that prevents shock absorption
  • Includes M-Select Dry mesh lining for soaking moisture
  • M Select Fresh prevents formation of sweat and prevents odor by preventing microbial growth

  • Breathable ventilator mesh that allows good air passage and EVA foot frame for maximum comfort



  • Not enough durable making it limited to only short trips

  • Does not provide ample support on difficult trails and better for casual exploration


X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Performance Oriented Hiking Boots by Salomon


The chassis in integrated with advanced shoe technology which guarantees comfortable hikes for longer days. The shoes are engineered with waterproof GORE-TEX weather protection which keeps them dry and better cushioning.

Besides, Sensifit technology snugs the foot in a secured manner from midsole to lacing system and ensures customized the comfortable fit. The stability and foot balance is maintained by advanced chassis with EVA midsole for comfort and TPU Shank to imparting better stability.

The grip and foot protection is rightly maintained with help of Contagrip Outsole. The footbed is constructed using Ortholite for unmatched stability.



  • Provides great stability, lightweight and gives maximum foot support

  • Engineered with GORE-TEX that gives weather protection and makes the shoe waterproof

  • Sensifit Technology that snug foot from midsole to lacing system and snug foot in its customized fit

  • Foot balance and stability with advanced chassis
  • Better grip and protection imparted with its Contagrip Outsole

  • The shoes have EVA midsole for cushioning effect and TPU Shank for Stability

  • Well-constructed with leather fabric, breathable mesh panels and toe cap with rubber protection

  • Has gusseted tongue that does not allow debris to enter shoes


  • Not enough durable making it limited to only short trips

  • Does not provide ample support on difficult trails and better for casual exploration

Targhee II Mid WP Men's Hiking Boot by Keen

They are lightweight and comfortable budget hiking boots which are great for day hikes or short hiking trips. The boots are constructed very strongly with leather upper along with good sized toe cap for better stability.

The hiking boots have KEEN dry waterproofing along with breathable membrane which ensures quick and rapid drying by keeping water out.

They have a strong and efficient rubber sole which ensures better traction and grip. It has waterproof Nubuck leather along with hydrophobic mesh linings which ensure comfort and help breathability.

The boots offer mid cut height to provide ample ankle support, has 4 mm lugs outsole for great traction support and ESS shank ensuring better torsional stability.



  • Well designed and strong construction with leather upper and rubber sole

  • Rugged, durable and tough with efficient and comfortable toe cap
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining along with waterproof Nubuck leather to enhance durability and increase durability
  • Includes KEEN DRY waterproof technology that keeps boots dry by keeping away water

  • All day long comfort and great for short hikes, trips and outdoor day trips
  • Consists of 4mm multi-directional lugs for better torsional stability


  • The stability of the boots is not satisfactory for tougher and longer hikes

  • Not comfortable for hiking in adverse weather conditions due to low durability

Waterproof White Ledge Men's Boot by Timberland

The Timberland Men's White Ledge Boots are perfect for day hikes and adventures in diverse terrains. The boots are strongly constructed made from full grain waterproof leather along with seam sealed that imparts maximum protection against water and rain. The boots are extremely comfortable with the breathable footbed.

It includes multi-directional rubber lugs that give better stability and ease of climb. The boots have padded collar and tongue making them comfortable for the wearer. The boots are comfortable due to the integration of B.S.F.P (Brake, support, flex and Propel) system that gives great grip and torsion.

With the help of rubber outsole with lugs, the boots help the user to brake, accelerate and climb easily. The natural stepping motion is aided by primary and secondary flex grooves located behind football area and toe area respectively. The shoes have a gusseted tongue that prevents debris from entering the shoes.



  • Constructed with waterproof full grain leather upper for ruggedness and maximum comfort

  • The boots have padded collar and tongue for utmost comfort
  • Includes breathable EVA footbed which is removable and helps better air circulation to keep away moisture

  • Excellent traction provided with help of B.S.F.P (Brake, Support, Flex and Proper) System

  • Consists of durable rubber Outsole with lugs to help brake, accelerate and climb easily

  • Gusseted tongue prevents debris entry into shoes and relieves lace pressure
  • Respond to natural foot motion through primary and secondary flex grooves


  • Slightly heavy and might be uncomfortable for new hikers

Final Thought


This comprehensive was compiled by experts after rigorous testing and trial of all the hiking boots. It is definitely a daunting task to find the best boots for hiking but there are certain things like comfort, waterproofing, comfort and stability that must not be compromised. All of the above boots are great with some good for long term hikes and some better for a shorter one.

On making a comparison amongst the five, the clear winner for best men's hiking boots is X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Performance Oriented Hiking Boots by Salomon. It is constructed with advanced shoe technology with ample of waterproofing, stability, rugged, Sensifit technology to snug foot in customized fit and a great choice for long-term hikes. With the reviews along with pros and cons, it will definitely help you make the right choice.



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