Looking for some interesting hikes? Love waterfalls? Then come float along the rapids to see The Most Beautiful Waterfall Hikes Near Me.


​Waterfall hikes can be invigorating and even peaceful, but there are only so many. Are you looking for some new hikes with a spectacular view? Need a new destination. Then this article is for you.

I have lived in Florida all of my life and know the lands well. There are some trails here that will take your breath away. Heading into the South will lead you into some interesting places.

The adventure will surely get you interested into seeing these waterfall hikes for yourself. So let's get into some of the most beautiful waterfall hikes near me.


Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon, FL

The Rainbow Springs falls are actually man-made, but still an amazing waterfall hike here in Florida. Originally there were discoveries of mammoth fossils and interesting relics made on the Rainbow River. Then in the 1930's, it was a theme park. In the 1990's it was reopened as a state park.

The walkways pass by three man-made waterfalls and a native plant garden. This trail offers both river and phosphate pit overlooks and is approximately 2.5 miles long from the Visitors' Center. The park consists of more than 1,470 acres and has three main entrances.

There is the headsprings day use area, the tubing facilities, and the campground. To check out more about the Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon Florida check out this awesome video showing off the beautiful area.

You can also read about Rainbow Springs and everything this peaceful place has in it. This is definitely a gorgeous place to hike man made or not I suggest you take a visit.


Steinhatchee Falls, Steinhatchee, FL


Number two on the list is Steinhatchee Falls. This amazing waterfall and trail are over 1700 acres, located in Steinhatchee, FL.

They are very small waterfalls but are actually the widest waterfalls located in Florida. This hike features a small scenic waterfall for your viewing pleasure. The Steinhatchee Trail is a 3-mile, hiking trail that begins at the trailhead on SR 51 and ends at the park. The Steinhatchee Falls trail is primitive in nature as it is filled with wildlife as well as being rocky.

Check out this awesome video of the Steinhatchee Falls in action! It starts at the picnic area and ends with the falls themselves, so this makes the most through video tour out there. There is nothing quite like the Steinhatchee Falls, make sure you take a visit there when you have time for an awesome hike.


Camp Branch Conservation Area, White Springs, FL


The Camp Branch Conservation Area located in White Springs Florida is actually known as the disappearing creek. The on the amount of rainfall can actually change whether the creek will be visible or not on any particular day. The length of this hike is about 3.3 miles of tranquil and interesting terrain.

There are many sinkholes located on this hike so make sure you’re careful when you visit. Camping is allowed near where this trail connects with the Florida Trail. Camp Branch is an amazing place to hike, you won't forget your experience here.


Millhopper Geological State Park, Gainesville, FL

The Millhopper Geological State Park hike located in Gainesville, FL is a little different. Walking down into the giant 500-foot wide sinkhole can spot the water trickling down the limestone walls. Twelve springs, some more visible than others, feed the pond at the bottom of the sinkhole.

Known as Devil's Millhopper is a National Natural Landmark that has been visited by all types of people since the early 1880s. This park got its name since it looks extremely similar to the hopper of a mill. Also because of tons of bones that were found at the bottom, suggesting animals entered it on the way to meeting the devil. Creepy right?

Researchers have learned a lot about Florida and her natural history by studying fossil shark teeth, marine shells and the fossilized remains of extinct land animals found in the sinkhole you can visit today. Learn more about The Millhopper Geological State Park before you visit to gain the full experience.


Falling Creek Falls, Lake City, FL

The Falling Creek Falls located in Lake City, FL is a waterfall that is huge that flows over limestone. During normal water levels, the creek roars over a 10-foot waterfall and flows under Falling Creek Road through a deep ravine before going underground.

Over 200 acres of beautiful wilderness to have adventures across. Falling Creek Falls is massive, which puts the world and your life in perspective as you watch the waterfall heading into the darkness passed where your eyes can see.



Big Shoals State Park, White Springs, FL


Heading back to White Springs, next on the list is Big Shoals State Park, located in White Springs, FL. Big Shoals State Park has the largest whitewater rapids in Florida. When the water level on the Suwannee River is between 59 and 61 feet above mean sea level, the Big Shoals rapids earn a Class III Whitewater classification, attracting thrill-seeking canoe and kayak enthusiasts.

The park itself spans over 28 miles, while the hiking trail is about a mile. The Big Shoals State Park has a long history starting in the 1800’s which is clear when you visit. You can feel the history around you as you travel the old paths and see the huge rapids. Big Shoals State Park will certainly give you the adventure of a lifetime that you have always been searching for.


Falling Waters State Park, Chipley, FL


Last but not least on our list we have the Falling Waters State Park located in Chipley, FL. This 171-acre park features the tallest waterfall in the state by far, at over 70 feet tall. Indian warriors used the sinkholes as hideouts in the Seminole War. The water's final destination remains unknown.

If you wanted to extend your hike, you can stay in one of twenty-four full site campgrounds. Take a full tour of the amazing Falling Waters State Park by watching this video. Create long lasting memories here, starting at the entrance of the park all the way to the end of the amazing waterfall! Falling Waters State Park offers many good times during and in between an awesome hike.


That’s the most beautiful waterfall hikes near me that I have personally found and explored. From Gainesville to Dunnellon and all the way to White Springs, Florida really does have some spectacular hikes available. Living here my entire life I have gotten to see a few personally.

I live about an hour away from Gainesville, so when I need a little bit of a getaway, Millhopper Geological State Park is one of my go to places. Usually, I head to one of the twelve springs located there to think a while, wonderful area for that. You never know what you will find hiking in Millhopper Geological State Park. It is a truly peaceful place, as are all the other amazing waterfall hikes near me that I am lucky enough to have around me.



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