Got a hiking date planned and not sure what to wear? Don’t worry! Follow the guide to find top 6 popular essentials for what to wear on hiking date!

Going on a date is exciting and nerve wracking. Everything is new as well as flirtatious with a new person. However, is dates have us checking our phones constantly. This takes away from getting to know your date which is really important.

Going hiking on a date is a great way to connect with nature and your date. Instead of being stuck in a coffee house staring at your phones go hiking! Fresh air combined with epic scenery and a hot date is way better. This does open another can of worms though.

What should you wear on a hiking date? You obviously want to look good for your date but you need to make sure you have everything you need for the hike. Here are the Top 6 Popular Essentials for a Terrific Hiking Date!


When asking yourself what to wear on a hiking date, it should be a go-to item. You want to be comfortable hiking and pulled together for your date. Just because you’re out hiking doesn’t mean you have to look like Jeff Corwin or something.

Flannels are thin which makes them great to layer for hiking. They are also comfortable and stylish. Flannels come in an array of different colors so they can always go with any outfit.

Practical and good looking makes flannels a win on a hiking date. These flannels are quality made and will help you pull your style together.

Comfortable Hiking Pants

Make sure to have comfortable pants on your date. Traditional hiking pants or sportswear is suggested.

Do not wear skinny jeans! Wearing pants that are tight may look good, but they will be your downfall on a hike. You will need mobility in all of your clothing or your muscles will hurt worse after the hike.

More than you can imagine. You can find Hiking pants in an array of styles for men and women. The North Face is one of the top brands that are currently selling, so you know you’re getting good quality.

Look into getting hiking pants that offer optimal mobility while being water resistant or sweat proof. Your muscles will thank you afterward, and being sweat proof will be nicer for both you and your date.


When you are on any date there are certain items you cannot leave behind. Personal Hygiene products are even more important on a hiking date. Deodorant, face wipes, gum, lip balm, etc. You never know when you and your date could lock lips or get close, and hiking will cause sweating so you need these items with you. A sturdy backpack will make sure you leave nothing behind.

You may be on a date, but you’re still in the wild. The American Hiking Society gives you a top list of items you should have with you in the case of dangerous situations. A backpack is also nice so you have both hands free to climb if needed or to hold the hand of your date. This one backpack comes in eight different colors, is inexpensive, water resistant, and has tons of pockets to bring all of your essentials.


Bring a hat with you! Whether you start out wearing it or put it on halfway throughout the date it will look great.

Wearing a hat gives several advantages. One is obvious, protecting you from the sun. Next, it can add a casual feel to your look. And lastly, if your hair gets messy or you get sweaty your hat can hide that from your date to still look fresh!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball hat or a beanie. Both will look good and help out on your adventurous date. There are offers tons of hats to choose from to make it match your style. There are many affordable options so you can stock up for other adventurous outings!

Hiking shoes

When trying to figure out what to wear on a hiking date hiking shoes are a necessity. There is no way you will fully be able to enjoy your date with uncomfortable shoes that are not made for hiking. Here are some great hiking shoes and boots.

Hiking shoes are great for day hiking or short treks. Go for a low cut shoe with flexible midsoles to be light on your feet. Some hiking shoes also offer the feature of being waterproof. That way if you have to go through water or step into a puddle you will stay dry. That means no wet nasty socks or cold feet! Water resistant shoes will eliminate complaining and you can instead focus on the awesome date you’re on.


Last but not least bring a camera! The point of an outdoor date it to get out of your phone and be at the date. So make a pact with your date and leave the phones behind. Or at least put them away. Share a camera and decide together what pictures to take and why. This will bring you guys together and you can get an insight of what your date likes and dislikes.

Here are a bunch of different cameras and equipment that will give you the best pictures on your date. You do not need to be a photographer to get good pictures. Just stick to a simple point and shoot camera. If you purchase one that uses film then even better! Using film provides a look digital cannot provide. Developing the pictures gives you an excuse to see your date again as well! Select the right one for you and surprise your date with this idea to add a sense of fun to the date.

Now you know what to wear on a hiking date! These items will give you a sure advantage to look and feel your best while trying to impress that certain someone.

All of these items will make you look great yet they are also practical. You need to be practical while on a hike. Focus on the world around you and talk with your date about it. Who knows, if the date ends well you two could be spending a lot more time hiking all across the world!


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